How Happy Were You Yesterday?

In partnership with The Foundation, DataHaven launches stateweide Wellbeing Survey.

Statewide Wellbeing Survey Now Underway

Russell Melmed of Ledge Light Health District (left) and Juanita James of Fairfield County's Community Foundation anounce the survey launch. Photo Courtesy of Yale West Campus Communications

in 2016, DataHaven, in partnership with The Foundation, created the Greater New Haven Comminity Index, providing the most robust data set of its kind on the quality of life, health and happiness of local residents. This year, the survey is going statewide. About 15,000 adults will participate in in-depth interviews, responding to statements and questions such as: "Children in my town have the positive role models they need" and "How happy were you yesterday?" The survey will provide insight into how residents feel about their communities and issues that need to be addressed. Comparative survey results will also be used in the upcoming publications of The Greater New Haven Community Index and Valley Community Index, bringing together more than 60 funders and more than 100 public agencies and nonprofits. If you are selected to participate, please answer the call and take the survey!