Health Equity in Connecticut 2023

The status report on health in Connecticut shows deep health inequities between Black and white residents.

Health Equity in Connecticut 2023 is a new status report on health in Connecticut that includes information gathered from statewide and national mortality records, the DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey of randomly-selected adults throughout Connecticut, census data, and other sources.

In addition to presenting easily-accessible information and data graphics on key social drivers of health and health outcomes in Connecticut, the report includes a more detailed analysis of the impact of firearm deaths.

"14,000 Black CT residents died due to health inequities during six-year period, report finds" — CT Insider

DataHaven Town Equity Reports

Search and find town-level information that is not available from any other source. The DataHaven Town Equity Reports disaggregate data from the 2020 Census, American Community Survey microdata files, DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey record-level files, and federal and state agencies. These innovative and user-friendly reports are informing many local- and state-level efforts to improve community well-being and racial equity.