Great Uncle and Grandfather Inspire New Fund

Philanthropic tradition continues into next generation.

Andrew DeMayo. Photo Courtesy of Andrew DeMayo

Philanthropic Tradition Continues into Next Generation

When Andrew DeMayo's "Uncle Bill" left him $10,000 after his passing, DeMayo paid it forward by establishing the Anthony and William DeMayo Fund in memory of his great uncle and grandfather.

"I chose to create a preference fund because grandpa was very involved in the local area, including East Haven's Hagaman Memorial Library," says DeMayo. Anthony, a judge, and William, a personnel director, were both contributors to the library's expansion, and their philanthropy also extended to the area of law. "My love of reading, which Grandpa shared, has influenced me to have the fund support local libraries and literacy programs," he says.

Though DeMayo lives in Australia, he chose to set up his fund through The Foundation because he felt it was able to find the best use for the funds. "I wanted to focus on the New Haven area, as that is where my grandfather and great uncle lived.

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Anthony and William DeMayo