Dr. Leon Bailey Jr. Fund

"My donor advised fund lets me invest in the people and place where I live." Dr. Leon Bailey Jr. Fund, est. 2017 by Dr. Leon Bailey Jr.

Dr. Bailey's work with nonprofits includes starting the first Family Planning Clinic for men in the state of New Jersey and starting one of the first community-based alternative programs for incarceration for children in New Jersey and in the country.

A graduate of New York Theological Seminary, Dr. Leon Bailey Jr. has long admired the many donors who start endowments at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. Though their interests may be different, fund founders share a common bond with each other: They are all charitably-minded.

In that vein, Dr. Bailey, a member of The Foundation's senior leadership team, was inspired to create a donor advised fund in 2017.

"I believe in The Community Foundation's mission and product, and felt by establishing this endowed fund my engagement in this community could be strengthened."

Dr. Bailey's fund represents the melding of several critically important areas of his life: religion, employee benefits and social justice. It will support efforts to further various causes.

And, social justice — whatever that may look like in the future — will have a small voice of support.

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Dr. Leon Bailey Jr. Fund