Donor Briefing Recap: Complexity, Controversy and Opportunity

Growing charitable capital and investment strategy explored at Donor Briefing

Growing charitable capital, investment strategy explored

Michael Miller, chief investment officer
of New York-based Colonial Consulting, LLC.

In 1995, a hypothetical donor makes a $1 million gift to The Foundation. Over the succeeding 24 years, that initial donation would grow to an asset worth more than $2 million while also generating more than $2 million for charitable grantmaking. The engine behind the capital growth is The Foundation's asset allocation strategy, which has produced cumulative returns that consistently beat market benchmarks.

A closer look at The Foundation's asset allocation strategy was the subject of a recent donor briefing with featured speaker Michael Miller, chief investment officer of Colonial Consulting, LLC.

A financial consultant to The Foundation for nearly 25 years, Miller says the primary goal of pursuing high long-term returns while protecting against market volatility is best achieved through a diversified portfolio and working with the best money managers. "We're not interested in mediocrity," Miller notes. "We pay attention to the people managing the funds."

Click here for more information about The Foundation's asset allocation policy, corporation sub-advisors and other investment-related information.

About The Foundation's Donor Briefing Series

As part of coming together around issues that impact our community, The Community Foundation hosts a series of donor briefings featuring local nonprofit and community leaders.Our ongoing Donor Briefing series invites guest experts to discuss urgent issues affecting us locally and nationally and to inform us about what can be done. Contact us to learn more.