Donor Advised Funds: The Swiss Army Knife of Gift Planning

Professional advisors help clients maximize their impact with this flexible charitable vehicle.

During a one-hour session hosted by The Community Foundation on June 30, Bryan Clontz, Founder and President, Charitable Solutions, Inc., provided real-world case studies of how high-net-worth individuals supported causes they cared about by converting art, company shares, and other highly-appreciated assets into charitable resources with donor advised funds.


  • Donor Advised Funds have experienced rapid growth in the past five years.
  • Studies show that charitably-minded individuals are increasingly consulting with accountants, lawyers and financial planners before making large gifts to causes they are passionate about.
  • Asking the right question the right way at the right time can transform the dynamic of your relationship with your client and your community.
  • Donor Advised Funds allow you to maximize both charitable impact and tax benefits through the acceptance of high-appreciation assets.
  • Donor Advised Funds allow you to take a deduction today and make a grant tomorrow.

Your clients can convert various complex and tangible assets to charity when working through The Community Foundation.

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About the Presenter

Bryan Clontz, PhD, CFP,® CLU,® CAP,® AEP,® RICP,® ChSNC® is the founder and president of Charitable Solutions, LLC, specializing in non-cash asset receipt and liquidation, gift annuity reinsurance brokerage, actuarial gift annuity risk management consulting, emergency assistance funds, as well as virtual currency and life insurance appraisals/audits. He also serves as Senior Partner of Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates – a community foundation consulting firm in Tuscon, AZ.

Clontz wrote "Charitable Gifts of Noncash Assets," a comprehensive guide to illiquid donations that covers gifts ranging from real estate and closely-held businesses to agriculture and Bitcoins. Download a copy below.

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