Creating Opportunity in Neighborhoods: Dixwell-Newhallville

(L-R) At The Foundation's September 2019 Convening on Creating A Future of Opportunity, Kim Harris, founder of Cercle and Inspired Communities Inc., Erik Clemons, president and CEO of ConnCAT and Michael Piscitelli, interim deputy economic development administrator for the City of New Haven serve on a panel to discuss what's happening on the neighborhood level.
Question and answer sessions sparked dialog in the small breakout sessions at the Convening.
  • Poverty is the civil rights issue of our time.
  • The lack of access to opportunity in neighborhoods is deeply rooted in historical patterns of racism that continue today.
  • Neighborhoods that once had access to large manufacturing employers have not recovered since those employers left.
  • Disrupting inequity requires everyone to step up and start from a place of caring.
  • Committed community leaders in Dixwell/Newhallville are bringing neighbors together to make positive change.
  • More work is needed to bring job creators into impoverished neighborhoods and to effectively connect individuals to opportunities in the surrounding region.

More Information

The Dixwell-Newhallville Community Report, a collaboration between DataHaven and community leaders including Kim Harris provides data and analysis of the social and economic wellbeing and health of two New Haven neighborhoods.

The Youth Photovoice Project involved young people from Newhallville and Dixwell neighborhoods reflecting on what they appreciate in their community and what needs to improve.

ConnCAT has a mission to inspire, motivate, and prepare youth and adults for educational and career advancement, through after-school arts, and job training programming.

The Dixwell Community House a revived community center held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 6, 2021. Project leaders envision the QHouse to be a second home as it once was to many attendees decades ago. If you would like to support the Dixwell Community House, please consider a gift to its endowment fund via the form below.

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