Community Voices Enrich Annual Meeting, Report

2020-21 Reflections Inspire and Reveal What is Still Needed

Presented virtually, The Community Foundation’s Annual Meeting on May 3, 2021 showcased inspiring demonstrations of community strength.

Community members share powerful reflections in both the Annual Meeting and Report to Our Community. Photos Aligning LLC

“This pandemic has revealed so much about what it is we need to do to make our world and our community better,” said President and CEO Will Ginsberg, outlining ways that Stepping Forward, The Foundation’s $26 million response to COVID-19 and commitment to advance racial equity, is both building on and transforming core philanthropic practices. A highlight of the event was a powerful documentary video of the pandemic experience.

The poignant stories shared by community members in the video were also an important part of The Foundation’s 2020-21 Report to Our Community.