Charitable Gift Annuity Sample Letter


Dear XXXX,

Thanks so much for requesting information about how to make a gift and receive income for life through our Planned Giving Partnership with The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

As we discussed, the way a charitable gift annuity works is that you make a gift of $20,000 or greater (most commonly with cash or readily marketable appreciated stock you have owned for at least a year, or a combination thereof), and in exchange for your gift, The Community Foundation pays you a fixed and guaranteed income for life.

Given your age(s), you can expect to receive an annuity rate of X.X% and a deduction for roughly XX% of your gift total. At the end of your lifetime(s), your gift will be used to establish a permanent endowed fund to support [name of organization].

Should you wish to proceed in setting up a charitable gift annuity, staff at The Community Foundation will be in touch with you directly. (S)he will be able to provide you with more specific gift calculations, and a draft of the annuity agreement, as well as discuss terms for your endowed fund.

Once you establish your charitable gift annuity, we look forward to inviting you to join our legacy society and to special events throughout the year. You would also become a member of the Nettie Dayton Circle at The Community Foundation.

Again, we extend our gratitude to you for your long-term approach to your charitable giving. [Our organization] will be all the stronger.

With appreciation,