Champion of the Cause: A conversation with former U.S. Congressman Luis Vicente Gutiérrez

PLF hosted an engaging conversation with former Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez who he shared insights on his continuing advocacy for immigration reform and immigrant rights, Veteran's issues, workers' rights, LGBTQ+ rights and gender equality.

Former U.S. Congressman Luis Vicente Gutiérrez joined the Progreso Latino Fund on November 18, to discuss what's next for Latinos after the Trump Presidency. With nearly 59 million Latinos residing in the United States, we are increasing our power by increasing our unity and mobilizing for the 2020 Election. Over 100 guests filled the New Haven Lawn Club to join in on the conversation as the former Congressman shared his insight from his experience on the ground.

What We Heard

We Are One Community
"We need to build a roof that connects our walls that ties us all together."

  • Recognize, cherish and celebrate our individuality -- while coming together in unity.
  • Understand when President Trump attacks Mexicans, it is an attack against the entire Latino community.
  • Latinos are underrepresented in every aspect of society -- be visible.

Elections Have Consequences
"If you want justice for all, the first thing you have to do is get rid of Donald Trump as the President of the United States."

  • It is going to take a lot of work to undo the damage that has been done by the Trump Administration.
  • The Latino community must be strategic and stay focused.
  • DREAMers need to be put in a safe place and not used as hostages.

What We Can Do

Prepare for 2020
"Could you imagine if you all decided to make 100 phone calls to 100 different families? Do you know the power that would exist?"

  • Register people to vote.
  • Reach out to Latinos in battleground states.
  • Elect people who have a genuine vocation for public service.

Protect People
"It's a fight and it's a struggle but the first thing you have to do is to protect people."

  • Open up your heart and wallet to undocumented immigrants.
  • Continue conversations about creating economic growth and wealth in Puerto Rico.
  • Love your brother as yourself.
  • Stand up for women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, African - American rights and protect our Muslim community members. Together, we are strong.