Not My Community: 3 Shocking Stats about Greater New Haven

How Greater New Haven ranks in growth, prosperity and inclusion against other U.S. cities and what we propose to do about it

Did you know?

Greater New Haven lags significantly in economic performance in comparison to other metropolitan areas across the country. In a Brookings Institution study of the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas in the decade between 2006-2016, Greater New Haven ranked:

  • 74th in Growth
  • 74th in Prosperity
  • 61th in Inclusion

In fact, Greater New Haven is less productive than it was five years ago.

The Good News

There's something we can do about it individually and collectively. We call it 'promoting inclusive growth.' It's not a program or initiative. It's a different way of thinking and acting together to strengthen our region's human capital (at the earliest of stages) and to create economic opportunities so everyone prospers.

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