Canning Bellemore Fund

Est. 2018 by Denise and Ted Canning

Ted and Denise Canning.

Denise Canning, Director of Grant Operations at The Community Foundation, always thought it would be great to have a donor advised fund through which she and her husband could give back. Denise and her husband Ted decided 2018 was the right time.

"As I've aged, I've become less focused on owning things and more focused on philanthropy," says Denise. The fund honors both Denise and Ted's families bearing her maiden name and Ted's surname.

When they are no longer able to recommend grants, the Fund will become a preference fund to support organizations that provide basic needs services.

"Food and shelter are really important to us. It just seems ludicrous in such a rich country like America that people are even suffering from food insecurity and homelessness," Denise says.

Ted, a psychiatric social worker who works with vulnerable populations, knew as a teenager he wanted to leave a positive mark on society. He drew his inspiration from music and the socially-conscious musicians he listened to. "The Clash, in particular, had an album focused on social justice and addressing all the problems in the world," Ted recalls.

Not having children, the couple believe that setting up a fund is a way to create their legacy. "We won't have a legacy that kids naturally bring to you," says Denise. "I feel this will be our legacy."

"Even if people don't know who we are, it is nice to know some possible good will come out of the fact that we were here for a little while," adds Ted.

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Canning Bellemore Fund