Brave Conversations: Facing Racism

This two-part series provides board and staff teams with the knowledge, language and tools to boldly and productively address issues of race, racism and skin color privilege

Presented by Dr. Mara Gottlieb, Talking Changes, LLC, on November 17 and 19, 2020

A two-part workshop series and coaching session for board and staff teams.

There is no better time than the present to understand racism and its toxic effects on all of us, regardless of our skin color. But we cannot confront what we don't know how to discuss, or educate with information we don’t have.

This honest, informative training provides the knowledge, language and tools to boldly and productively address issues of race, racism and skin color privilege. In a respectful, safe environment, we will have honest conversations about the socially-constructed meanings of skin color and race, and the resulting impact of racism in the United States. Part of our work together will address the ways systemic and personal racism affects the way we may have been conditioned to perceive people who are not represented in our own families, neighborhoods or social circles. Finally, and most importantly, we will work together to find solutions that will enable us to debunk and dismantle structural and individual racism within the organization and within ourselves.

Presenter's note: I am a white-European woman who cannot and does not speak for people of color. This training is targeted (but not limited) to other white-Europeans who want a deeper understanding of race and racism without asking our friends or colleagues of color to educate us.

Coaching Sessions: One-hour coaching sessions will be provided for up to 10 participating organizations.

Registration Note: For this two-part series, please commit to attending both sessions. Your organization may register as a team of 2-4, including at least one board member and one staff member.

Dr. Mara Gottlieb

About the Presenter

Dr. Mara Gottlieb is the President of Talking Changes, an anti-oppression and bias-awareness consulting firm. For over 20 years, she has run workshops across the country, including serving as a keynote speaker and presenting at NASW conferences. She was the grateful recipient of the CT NASW “Distinguished Achievement” award in 2017. Her programs address subjects ranging from cultural humility to LGBTQ+ awareness, teen suicide prevention and vicarious trauma.
Dr. Gottlieb has served as an adjunct professor at the NYU Silver School of Social Work, Smith College School for Social Work and Southern Connecticut State University. She holds a BA from Brown University, and earned her MSW and Ph.D. in Social Work from NYU.

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