Black Champions For Health: Loria Morrison

Former NHHS Care Coordinator at Yale New Haven Hospital.

New Haven Healthy Start

"Celebrating Black Champions for Health" series

Loria Morrison was with New Haven Healthy Start from 2002-2016. She was one of our care coordinators at Yale New Haven Hospital. It is here, where she enrolled women, infants and fathers into the Healthy Start program. Prior to that, she was an Eligibility Specialist at State of Connecticut, Managed Medicaid Program. Loria worked with Dr. Charlene Collier who is a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar to develop a reproductive life plan that is now used in our clinics by our care coordinators. She was also a former Male Involvement Network Advisory member. In 2003, Loria and a colleague created a survey on men's health and access to healthcare, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health. Loria is a Pastor at a local church in New Haven, Christ Has Risen International Ministries, where she focuses on community health and well-being. Loria is a true #blackchampion4health.


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