Beverly Hilton Kimbro Fund

Est. 2007 by Warren Kimbro

Beverly Kimbro, a "soft spoken woman with a kind heart and gentle spirit," worked as the Assistant Director of Administration for the MacMillan Center at Yale for more than 20 years. Her interests were varied: cooking, crossword puzzles, football, and jazz. Spending time with family was important.

Helping children in need was second nature.

Beverly saw education as an essential ingredient to achieving success in life; it's not surprising that she chose to create a scholarship in memory of her son.

But service was also very important to the New Haven native.

"She was a great supporter of our sorority's service projects. Projects such as educating people about breast cancer and heart disease. Joining walk-a-thons to benefit food banks. Giving workshops in shelters and halfway houses," recalls Claudette Beamon, a former Scholarship Chair of Beverly's Sorority - the Tau Xi Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

"Beverly loved the sorority with all of her heart for its work to establish a legacy of sisterhood and service," says Claudette. "And even when she was extremely sick, she wanted to make sure that the sorority's work went on. She was committed to service, especially around helping disenfranchised children. She was determined to do what was right for kids."

In 1989, Beverly set up a fund in memory of her son whose life had been tragically cut short by a car accident. When Beverly died in 2007, her husband Warren chose to memorialize her just as she had done for their son "Butch" almost twenty years before. Learn more.

The Beverly Hilton Kimbro Scholarship Fund was created to make sure that Beverly "would not be forgotten." It was set up to benefit the scholarship program of Beverly's sorority. It's what Beverly would have wanted, said Warren at the time.

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Beverly Hilton Kimbro Scholarship Fund