Beautiful Skin: A Courageous Conversation on Black Latinx

The Progreso Latino Fund held a courageous conversation on Black Latinx with Ingrid M. Canady at their Latino leaders networking event on Sept. 16, 2019,

This week the Progreso Latino Fund hosted "Beautiful Skin: A Courageous Conversation on Black Latinx" with Ingrid M.Canady, executive director of State Education Resource Center. At the networking event, the group tackled colorism, exploring the complexity of race and the journey in becoming Black Latinx in the U.S.

What We Heard

Talk About Race
"We see race every day, but we don't talk about it."

  • The binary is either black or white. The further away from white you are the more oppression you will face.
  • Understanding identity is a process, it is important to understand where you are. Find out where you stand using the Courageous Conversations Compass.
  • Structural racism can only be changed at the structural level.

What We Can Do

Get Uncomfortable
"We as a community need to get uncomfortable enough to allow the consciousness of others to enter in so we can change what is happening to our communities."

  • Identify yourself within the binary spectrum and stand with those who face oppression.
  • Learn our history.
  • Continue to have courageous conversations.