Back to School Strategies and Techniques

Tools that help parents and children center, ground and get in touch with feelings

As we know students all over the United States are going back to school in some capacity; some have already started their 2020 – 2021 journey. New Haven Healthy Start has some tips to share for parents and students alike who will be navigating unforeseen challenges, changes and adjustments throughout the school year with much uncertainty and anxiety.

Use these step-by-step grounding and centering techniques to assist with coping and navigating stressful circumstances and situations:

Try this Butterflies in My Stomach exercise with children to help them verbalize and illustrate how they are feeling from time to time. The kiddos always find it fun!

Use this feelings chart and template with children who don’t quite yet know how to understand and identify what they are feeling from day to day.

We hope you find these tools helpful.