Advisor Spotlight: Melanie Kregling

Giving back is an integral part of Malanie Kreling's life both personally and with her team at Janney Montgomery Scott.

Melanie Kregling
Melanie Kregling, Noble Wealth Advisors of Janney Montgomery Scott

For more than a decade, Melanie Kregling and the Noble Wealth Advisors team of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC have been donning t-shirts and work clothes “and wielding hammers and saws which is not really in our wheelhouse” when they help build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Giving back to the New Haven community means a lot to Kregling, First Vice President /Wealth Management at Noble Wealth Advisors of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in New Haven. “Our team made a decision long ago to use our budget toward sponsorships, rather than promoting ourselves,” said Kregling, whose parents were always active volunteers when she was growing up. “That’s what you do; you are part of a local community, and you give back,” she said.

Back in 2010, a client mentioned that St. Martin de Porres Academy - a faith-based, private middle school in New Haven that provides tuition-free education for children from low-income families – was holding a book drive. The Noble Wealth Advisors team partnered with Atticus bookstore, donating books to the school library.

“After, they invited us to come over and spend the day and we just fell in love with the school,” Kregling said. The firm has been partnering with the school ever since. Kregling said they also provide support to Music Haven, Integrated Refugee & Immigration Services, and LEAP, as well as several other organizations.

That’s what you do; you are part of a local community, and you give back.

Melanie Kregling / Noble Wealth Advisors of Janney Montgomery Scott

In her work Kregling helps develop wealth strategies, focusing on integrating financial planning with managing investments for her clients.

“We make sure they can comfortably meet their own needs with the resources they have and, if they are charitably minded, help to direct them to various avenues for giving," Kregling said.

“Different things resonate differently with clients,” Kregling said. “It could be literacy or building houses to improve communities or helping to resettle refugees…or family-centered services – trying to help women and families come out of bad situations and make their lives better.” Often, she said, clients know where their charitable interests lie “but they don’t know how to best direct their funds. The Community Foundation has been quite a wonderful resource, helping to provide clarity and advice for those decisions. We’ve had a really nice partnership through the years.”