Advisor Spotlight: Amee J. Lunn

Amee Lunn found her calling in probate and elder law.

Amee Lunn
Amee J. Lunn is a lawyer who specializes in probate and elder law.

Back about 13 years ago, Amee J. Lunn was practicing law, but the work just didn’t call to her. “I was thinking about whether I should go to nursing school,” she said.

Everything changed on the day she dropped by a probate court and was put on a case.

“I met my mentor who was willing to show me the ropes,” and Lunn quickly saw that estate planning, probate and elder law were “the perfect fit for me.”

It’s work that gets down to life’s essentials as clients ask the question: What will I be able to leave my loved ones? Or, in the case of clients who are parents of adult children with disabilities: How can I make sure my child is provided for when I’m gone? Or, for clients who want to give back: How can I create a plan that includes charitable giving?

Often, clients arrive with specific ideas about philanthropy. Others have a general sense about a cause they care about, and Lunn refers them to The Community Foundation. “When I send someone over, The Foundation staff sits down with them and helps them identify – without pressuring them –ideas or ways to structure what it is they want to accomplish.”

“For people to be able to do something that will leave their mark beyond the time that they’re physically here is something that is comforting to people and makes them feel good,” Lunn said.

As part of our appreciation for what we’re blessed with, we need to help take care of other people who need that help.

Amee Lunn / Law Office of Amee J. Lunn, LLC.

Lunn has seen the impact philanthropy can make on the world. Her aunt and uncle – both doctors – built a hospital in rural India which focuses on providing prenatal care and cleft palate repair. For years, as part of a group of elder law attorneys who provide pro bono legal guardianship work, she has acted as a legal guardian to three adult men with intellectual disabilities.

“I always tell my kids we’re blessed with what we need,” Lunn said. “We have the tools and the ability to help others. As part of our appreciation for what we have, we need to be generous with other people who need our support.”

Lunn is among The Foundation’s network of trusted professional advisor partners. Since its beginning, The Foundation has worked with estate planning, wealth advising, accounting, financial planning and insurance experts who advise clients about charitable giving. Working closely with Foundation staff, advisors provide clients with individualized giving plans to meet their unique charitable goals while maximizing tax advantages. As part of the partnership, seminars are offered for advisors, giving up-to-date information on important issues. Last year, The Foundation launched a special “Partnering for Impact” showcase page on LinkedIn to share news and resources among advisors.