Advisory Board Spotlight: Maribel Lopez

Learn more about Advisory Board member, Maribel Lopez and her lifelong commitment to advancing the status of women.

Maribel Lopez

College Administrator, Longtime Philanthropist

Advancing the status of women has been a lifelong commitment for Fund Advisory Board member Maribel Lopez. She credits her mother for creating a burning desire within her to blaze her own trail while supporting other women along the way.

"My mom has always had a strength about her and the heart of a feminist. Though she took on a more traditional role when I was a child, she was a trailblazer in her own youth, immigrating to the U.S. from Colombia on her own."

She placed a high value on education, and fostered that notion within her own daughters."My sister and I were always encouraged to dream big and not back down regardless of circumstance."

As Registrar of Gateway Community College, Maribel is committed to fueling that same fire among the young women she encounters, inspiring them to have faith in their own ability and not be afraid to compete.

"As a college administrator, I feel a personal responsibility to improve awareness and educational opportunity for young women. We need to encourage our girls to dream, but we also have a responsibility to ensure paths to high quality, affordable education so they can live those dreams."

She is most proud of Gateway's "Girls Rock!" conference, which she co-chairs. This bi-annual event brings together young women in the community together as one, motivating each other to identify and achieve their goals.

Maribel says facing inequalities that still exist in the workforce, particularly income inequality, is just as important. Women should have frank conversations with one another about income, opportunity and personal choice regarding work and life balance.