A Shared Inspiration and Purpose

Stewardship is among the reasons this couple chose to create funds at The Community Foundation and join the Nettie J. Dayton Circle.

Jean and Anne Mauro. Photo Judy Sirota Rosenthal.

Anne and Jean Mauro were one of the first couples to establish a donor advised fund at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven in the late 1990s. At the same time, the couple, who shared a love of music, chose to establish a second fund – one that would support Orchestra New England (ONE) in perpetuity.

A year after Anne's death in 2018, Jean, as part of his estate plans, established three more funds. Each fund is a preference fund to benefit a special purpose important to the couple.

The Tutoring for Success Fund was set up to support personal tutoring in a one-on-one environment for middle and high school students, with a preference to support tutoring to improve English language proficiency and/or students exploring STEM related education. The Veterans' Housing Support Fund was designed to assist homeless veterans of any U.S. conflict in obtaining housing, with a preference for those veterans who served in any foreign combat zone. And the M. Anne Mauro Memorial Fund for Diabetic Training was created to support diabetes training and education, emphasizing if possible, self-care education for those that have diabetes or in prevention of diabetes.

"My wife Anne and I shared the inspiration and purpose for all of our funds. Although they are specific, and some are, perhaps, somewhat unusual in their objectives, we trust The Foundation to take the care needed to honor all of our objectives," says Jean Mauro, pictured above with his late wife, Anne at a Foundation donor luncheon in 2017. Jean and Anne are also members of the Nettie J. Dayton Circle at The Community Foundation.