A note on our use of "Latine"

On December 5, 2022, The Progreso Latino Fund Advisory Committee approved the use of Latine (pronounced Latin- ay) as a more inclusive way to address the community while retaining the historical name of the fund.

The Progreso Latino Fund (PLF) is profoundly committed to impacting the Latin American community, and because this is the case--with great discussion, thought, and self-informing--we have recognized the need to evaluate how we include all people within such a diverse community. For several years, "Latinx" has been an inclusive term not limited to a specific gender, orientation, or traditional binary among many of our people. While PLF retains its historical name as the Progreso Latino Fund, we have adopted another inclusive way of embracing all our community with "Latine." There are many words in Spanish that end with the neutral "e." We believe that to honor all races, genders, orientations, faiths, and varying ethnicities that make up the Latine diaspora, using this terminology is a small step in equitably valuing the dignity of all. We see all of you, and all of you are important