The Foundation staff works to inspire, support, inform, listen to and collaborate with the people and organizations of Greater New Haven to build an ever more connected, inclusive, equitable and philanthropic community.

Arthur W. Thomas III

Director of Mission Investing and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Mr. Thomas is the Director of Mission Investing and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. This role provides a platform for advancing cross-sector leadership collaboratives that create strategies for increasing equity and empowerment. Mr. Thomas recently graduated from a master’s program at Yale Divinity School to enhance his ability to evaluate the ethical outcomes of community empowerment programs, and build strategic partnerships to reduce socio-economic inequities in underserved populations. Prior to that, Mr. Thomas had a career in finance and residential real estate development. He also serves on the board of directors for Community Health Network, an organization that uses “Emotional Emancipation Circles” as a tool to address systemic and actual trauma in minority communities. Mr. Thomas is vocal about faith’s contribution to justice work. He is currently the co-chair of the Faith in Action outreach ministries at Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church, and is in the ordination process with the American Baptist Convention. Overall, Mr. Thomas is a healer at heart, and passionate about using innovation, real estate, and entrepreneurship as a treatment for disrupting the reproduction of poverty outcomes in under-resourced neighborhoods.