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Neighborhood Leadership Program


Neighborhood Leadership Program participants create projects that build community. The Community Foundation has a long history of identifying and supporting grassroots community projects and supporting residents who are making a difference in their neighborhoods.

Application deadline was January 22, 2019. 

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What is the Neighborhood Leadership Program?

The program is an eight-month training and grant program for community leaders to imagine, develop, test and realize projects that build community and provide positive outcomes.

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Who should apply?

New Haven, West Haven, East Haven or Hamden residents who have demonstrated a commitment to making a positive difference through resident engagement are eligible to apply. If you are eager to build skills, develop your capacity to increase your impact, and engage with other leaders in learning, practice, and project execution, you should apply to this program.

What skills and practices will you learn?

  • appreciating and using your personal strengths and core values
  • building relational culture in your community and with other leaders
  • understanding the resources and challenges involved in creating the community you want
  • creating and using a group of allies to support you in your work
  • designing and implementing a pilot project that will positively impact your community
  • learning from your pilot how to modify or scale up your project
  • developing and managing the human and material resources you need to produce effective positive impact

What’s required of you?

  • Mandatory participation in training sessions. The workshops cover the following topics:
1.  Core values, relationships, and design thinking
2.  Relational project planning, execution, and evaluation
3.  Project scaling and engaging community resources
Between sessions: participants undertake relational work in their neighborhoods (2-3 hours per week) and meet for three 2-hour small group and coaching sessions. Between the second and third training sessions, participants will be expected to carry out a pilot project. After the third training session, participants will be preparing and submitting more detailed proposals for second round funding.
Continuity and engagement: the training, field work, and group coaching sessions build on each other. Participation means working in a team, attending all the trainings and at least 75% of the group coaching sessions, doing the relational homework, and sticking with it the entire year.  You should have some ideas of pilot  projects you can initiate, and what it will take to carry them out.
  • An estimated 10 hours per month: 2 hours per week on building relational culture and 3 two-hour small group and coaching sessions after each training
  • Plan, carry out, and evaluate a pilot project
  • Plan and seek local resources to help support a your second project based on your experience with the pilot project; the second project could be one that grows your pilot project to a bigger scale, a new project in a new community or a collaboration with another leader you have met in the leadership program. 


What’s provided?

  • Meals and a stipend
  • Up to $500 in expenses for pilot project
  • Up to $2500 additional 

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