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What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund enables you to make tax-deductible charitable contributions immediately, without having to identify nonprofit beneficiaries right away. Instead, your gifts will be invested, based on your preferences, so that they may grow. Once ready, you can recommend grants from your fund to your desired, eligible nonprofits.

You can think about a donor advised fund (DAF) as an investment account for organizing your personal charitable giving.

Donor Advised Funds Make Giving Easy

Instead of writing lots of checks to multiple individual nonprofits, you can make one or more larger contributions to your DAF. Then decide on the nonprofits you want to support.

The difference between using your personal checking account for giving and a donor advised fund is that contributions to a DAF are irrevocable gifts to public charity. 

Based on your recommendations, grants are approved by The Foundation's Board of Directors and sent to qualifying nonprofits in the name of your fund (or anonymously if you choose).  Funds are often named for families or individuals (e.g., the Smith Family Fund or the Jane Smith Memorial Fund) or for other positive associations (e.g., the Elm Fund).

How a Donor Advised Fund Works

Establish a fund

Contribute to your fund and be eligible for a tax deduction for the current year.

Grow your fund balance

While you decide on which nonprofits to support, your contributions are invested, and all growth is tax free.

Support nonprofits

When you’re ready, support your favorite nonprofit or find a new cause. We do all the paperwork.

Why The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven?

Our donor advised funds offer you:

  • simplicity in managing charitable giving
  • tax benefits today, increased impact tomorrow
  • the ability to be an anonymous donor when you choose
Since 1928, The Community Foundation has been Greater New Haven’s leader in charitable solutions, helping donors like you support their favorite causes in smart ways. With personalized service and expertise in handling donations from a wide range of assets, we have your needs covered.

Join with the many philanthropists in our community seeking to make their giving simpler and more effective.

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