Pooled Income Fund

Pooled Income Fund

If you own highly appreciated stock, a Pooled Income Fund may be an effective way to achieve your charitable goals, increase your income and save on taxes.

How it Works

  • You make a permanent gift of cash, appreciated stocks, property or other assets to the Pooled Income Fund held at Wells Fargo on behalf of The Community Foundation. You receive an immediate tax deduction for the charitable portion of your gift.
  • During your lifetime, the pooled income fund provides you with a regular income stream from the fund.
  • After your death, the remaining assets from your gift in the pooled income fund are transferred to The Community Foundation, where we set up a fund in your name, in the name of your family, or in honor of any other person or organization you choose. We handle the fund's administration and grantmaking.
  • As we distribute grant awards in your fund's name, your gift becomes a lasting resource, benefiting the community for generations to come.

More Benefits

Pooled income funds are attractive to many donors. It is a simple process, gifts can be made in smaller amounts than a charitable trust, as assets are "pooled" with other contributions, and additional gifts can be made in future years. The minimum initial contribution to The Community Foundation's Pooled Income Fund is $5,000.

The income stream that you receive from the pooled income fund (particularly in cases of appreciated stock gifts) often ends up being higher than the interest and dividend payments would have been had you held on to the stock. By transferring the securities to The Foundation, you also avoid capital gains taxes on the stock appreciation.


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