Siloe Fund for Haiti's Children with Disabilities

Siloe Fund for Haiti's Children with Disabilities

"Cocobai" - implying worthlessness and disgrace - is the colloquial Kreyol term for children, like Sebastian, living with disabilities. Haitian schools do not accept them. Photo courtesy PAZAPA website.

The Siloe Fund for Haiti's Children with Disabilities is a designated fund established for the benefit of The Siloe Project, a U.S.- based project that provides charitable support for the PAZAPA Center for Children with Disabilities in Jacmel, Haiti. 

"Children with disabilities are forgotten and even discriminated agains in Haiti, and their families are often marginalized," says fund founder Louisa Cunningham, whose father co-founded The Siloe Project.

Pazapa (translated as "step by step") provides treatment, education and development of children living with disabilities in Haiti, while promoting acceptance within their communities.  Since 1987, PAZAPA has empowered over 2,000 of Haiti's most vulunerable families through specialized medical care, inclusive education, outreach, advocacy, economic opportunity, and access to the arts.

Should The Siloe Project cease to exist, this Fund will support an organization or organizations providing compaprable programs and serices for people with disabilities in Haiti, with priority given to programs targeting children.

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