Employers’ Primer on Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

Employers’ Primer on Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

For Nonprofit CEOs, HR professionals and Board members responsible for creating and implementing policy


Attorney Stuart M. Katz, Cohen and Wolf, will provide a high level overview of many of the pitfalls that employers face with a special focus on issues relating to sexual discrimination and harassment.  We’ll go over policies and procedures relating to harassment complaints, the roles of management and directors, policies for on-boarding and training staff, and issues relating to communications.

  • Hiring (background checks, onboarding)
  • Personnel files
  • Handbooks – what language should be included re: SH (what constitutes sexual discrimination/harassment, reporting procedures, retaliation, disciplinary actions)
  • How SH issues relate to Interns/Volunteers/Seasonal staff/Board members
  •  Trainings that employers should provide (ex. sexual harassment prevention)
  •  Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


70 Audubon Street
New Haven, CT 06510



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