Greater New Haven Rises to Challenges

Greater New Haven Rises to Challenges

2017: A Time of Division and Exclusion  


Community members engaged in an inspiring discussion with local leaders on the front lines.
Photo Judy Sirota Rosenthal

More than 230 community members came together on November 29, 2017 to strongly and emotionally affirm Greater New Haven’s community values at The Foundation's convening, "Preserving Our Values and Commitments - A Look at the Challenges of 2017 and How Our Community is Responding.”

Led by Foundation President & CEO Will Ginsberg and nonprofit leaders Kica Matos (Director of Immigrant Rights & Racial Justice at Center for Community Change and outgoing board chair for The Community Foundation); Michael Taylor (Chief Executive Officer, Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center); and Alice Forrester (Chief Executive Officer, Clifford Beers Clinic), the convening considered how our community is responding to the challenges of 2017.

What We Heard

Ginsberg ignited the conversation stating, “2017 has been dramatically different than anything seen before. Our watchword this year has been COMMUNITY, NOW MORE THAN EVER — a call to our community to come together to face these new challenges. Our community needs advocacy, not neutrality.” 

Panelists described the stress created for nonprofits by the state budget crisis and by changes in policy at the federal level. They called upon everyone to stand up for the values of an inclusive community. 

What We Can Do

  • Stand up for inclusiveness and unity
  • Vote and encourage your neighbors to do the same
  • Volunteer at local organizations
  • Talk to neighbors and friends with empathy

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