Honoring a Legacy of Learning

Honoring a Legacy of Learning

Bishop Family Fund Pays Tribute to Father’s Sacrifices 

Bishop Family
Photo Courtesy of Susan Whetstone
Bishop Family
Susan Whetstone served on The Community Foundation Board of Directors between 2001 - 2007.

“Education is such a gift, and such an opportunity,” says Susan Whetstone, Foundation donor and former Board chair. 

That’s a key life lesson she learned from her father, Morris Norvell Bishop, who died at the age of 90 after devoting 30 years to the field of Education as the Milford school system’s Director of Guidance. Susan set up The Bishop Family Fund in 2005 in honor of her father, whose life-long love of learning inspired her and her four siblings to want to give back. 

“I wanted to really honor my dad and the sacrifices he made to get his own education so he could provide us with a better life,” says Susan. 

Susan chose a donor advised fund at The Foundation because of its flexibility.

“I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to give the money away," she adds. "I just knew that I wanted the funds to be available to help people who needed support. I’ve really appreciated The Foundation’s support in helping me steer at least some of the direction of the Fund." 

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