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What's the most lasting and best way to give back to your community? 

Establish a permanent endowed fund... it takes just three steps. 

1. Tell us how you wish the money in your fund to be used

Is there a specific charity you’d like to benefit, or a specific cause, or are you leaving a “flexible” gift that can be used to meet any community problem or opportunity? Do you want to remain active by making grant recommendations throughout your life?

2. Tell us what you would like to name your fund

Your name? Your family's name? Or something else meaningful to you? Remember: you’re creating a permanent legacy in that name. One hundred years from now, your fund will still be making gifts in whatever name you choose. Of course, you can also set up an anonymous fund if you prefer.

3. Decide the amount and type of gift you want to make your gift and endow your fund

Almost any type of asset can be used - from cash to stock to your antique car. Any amount, from $10,000 and up, can establish a fund.

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Charitable giving is satisfying and convenient.

Experienced and knowledgeable Foundation staff work with you to meet your needs. By contributing through The Foundation's various giving methods, you can support a community priority, establish a new fund or add to an existing fund. The Foundation accepts cash, real estate, securities or other assets, gifts by will, retirement plan assets, insurance, income interest, remainder interest, or bargain sale gifts.

The Community Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization, and as such is exempt from federal income tax; donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.