Source: Greater New Haven Community Index 2019.

Greater New Haven’s preschool enrollment is high - 64% versus 48% nationally - but varies by town and neighborhood. The enrollment rate ranges from 58% in low-income New Haven and inner-ring neighborhoods to 70% in outer ring suburbs and towns.

Cost is a major factor in the disparity, and there are not enough subsidies to make up the gap.

Disparities between students of color and white students appear in early grades and persist into high school. Students of color in Greater New Haven are about twice as likely to be chronically absent from school as white students.

Connecticut's high school graduation rate of 87% is high by national standards. Within the Greater New Haven, however, the graduation rate varies by location. The rate in New Haven is 75%; in inner ring towns the rate is 81%; and in outer ring towns it is 92%.

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