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On the whole, Greater New Haven is a place of great opportunity for children and youth. Outcomes vary, however, depending on where the child lives.

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Mentoring: Practices that Work ›


Mentoring is an important strategy for helping youth who are in need of more positive relationships. But good outcomes only happen through quality relationships that last. To meet this challenge, organizations in Greater New Haven are providing the settings and resources for these relationships to take hold and thrive.

End Youth Violence ›


Exposure to violence is traumatic for children and youth. The fear and anxiety it produces is widespread and has significant and long-lasting effects.

The Health of Young African American Men ›


JAMA Viewpoint: Young African American men benefit little from U.S. health care. The Journal of American Medical Association commentary co-authored by New Haven Healthy Start Director Kenn Harris.

Preventing Teen Pregnancies ›


When teens have a baby, the impact is serious and long-lasting for the teen parents, their child, their families and the community. Both nationally and locally, teen birth rates have fallen significantly in the past 60 years. But disparities along racial and ethnic demographic lines persist.

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Programs supported by The Community Foundation nurture the academic and social development of children and youth through after school or out of school programming.

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