A stable source of food, secure housing and having access to other basic human needs are essential foundations of a healthy and productive life. Far too many individuals and families in Greater New Haven struggle to meet their daily basic needs. Rising costs for housing, food, energy, medical needs and transportation exacerbate the problem, forcing families into choosing between rent and other necessities like health care, and buying less expensive food that is also less healthy.

What the Data Shows

(Source: Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Index 2023)

  • 40% of children under the age of 5 in New Haven live at or below the federal poverty level, which is $30,000 per year for a family of four.
  • 34% of Latine adults and 25% of Black adults in Connecticut experienced food insecurity at some point in 2022, compared to 11% of white residents.
  • 14% of Greater New Haven residents stayed home in 2020 because they did not have reliable transportation.
  • 50% of Black residents, 47% of Latine residents and 32% of white residents in Greater New Haven are burdened by housing costs that are more than 30% of their monthly incomes.
  • Evictions have been rising since 2022. Renters in New Haven, West Haven, East Haven and Hamden are about twice as likely to face eviction as renters in outer suburbs.

What The Foundation is Doing

The Foundation provides grants to basic human needs organizations throughout Greater New Haven that work on the ground to prevent residents from going hungry, losing their jobs and falling into homelessness.

The Foundation also brings the community together around the issues. Watch our March, 2023 Donor Briefing, "Meeting Basic Needs During a Time of Inflation."

Basic Needs Fund

The Basic Needs Fund was established to help ensure that all Greater New Haven area residents have the basic material needs of daily life. As an endowment, the Basic Needs Fund is addressing the needs of today and providing permanent resources for future generations.

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Impact in the Community

Nonprofit organizations working in basic human needs are a lifeline to individuals and families in Greater New Haven. Learn more about their work and impact.

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