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In Greater New Haven, one in eight residents report not having enough money to buy food as rates of inequality rise to historically high levels.

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Diapers Are A Basic Need ›


A national movement that began in New Haven is working define diapers as a basic human need that should be subsidized for low-income families.

Hunger: A Continuing Problem ›


There is an ongoing hunger crisis in the United States and the food security net is more needed than ever.

Collaborating to End Homelessness ›


Prompted by a new federal law, homeless providers are now collaborating to streamline the application process and move people into housing as quickly as possible.

New Haven Homelessness Needs Assessment ›


The 2015 City of New Haven report on homelessness surveys existing resources and recommends a framework for helping people not only find housing, but also education, employment, and health services so they remain housed.

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The Community Foundation supports services that target immediate basic needs as well as efforts that seek long term solutions.

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The Silverthau Fund

Est. 1942 by Caroline Silverthau.

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