Meet Basic Needs

When you meet individuals basic needs, you lay the foundation for a stronger society. Unmet basic needs put our community at risk. Hungry children are more likely to miss school, affecting their academic progress. Lack of affordable housing forces people to live farther from their jobs, undermining their stability.

Local Snapshot

In Greater New Haven, one in eight residents report not having enough money to buy food as rates of inequality rise to historically high levels.

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A System Under Strain »


The safety net is increasingly under strain as growing inequality continues to drive up the numbers of people unable to meet their own basic needs.

The State of Hunger in New Haven »


This report published jointly by the Community Alliance for Research and Engagement and the New Haven Food Policy Council presents the data on food insecurity in New Haven, how the community is responding and what more can be done.

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The Community Foundation supports services that target immediate basic needs as well as efforts that seek long term solutions.

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Find Local Basic Needs Organizations

Action and Advocacy for a Prosperous Community

Community Action Agency of New Haven is collaborating with other agencies in our community and advocating for support statewide.

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A New Reach toward a Better Life

This local nonprofit helps families get back on their feet after times of turmoil, securing safe housing, affordable furniture and other support services. Read More »

Mobile Market Brings Fresh Food

"Because folks all faced the same challenges, and we couldn't open a storefront, it made sense to do something on wheels. Bringing food to the people made more sense than bringing people to the food..."

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