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Greater New Haven is healthy by national standards, but diabetes, obesity, smoking rates and other health concerns remain high within underserved neighborhoods.

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Screening For Childhood Trauma ›


This report from the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut is intended to help child serving systems advance trauma-informed care in order to provide more effective and cost-efficient services that result in better outcomes for all children.

Mentoring: Practices that Work ›


Mentoring is an important strategy for helping youth who are in need of more positive relationships. But good outcomes only happen through quality relationships that last. To meet this challenge, organizations in Greater New Haven are providing the settings and resources for these relationships to take hold and thrive.

Substance Abuse: A Mental Health Issue ›


Dependency on drugs and/or alcohol is a treatable, chronic disease that frequently co-occurs with one or more other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

But stigma, whether imposed by others or self-perceived, is keeping many substance users from trying new therapies, leading to the strong likelihood of a further decline in their mental health.

But stigma is keeping many substance users from getting help.

The Health of Young African American Men ›


JAMA Viewpoint: Young African American men benefit little from U.S. health care. The Journal of American Medical Association commentary co-authored by New Haven Healthy Start Director Kenn Harris.

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The Foundation's support of health organizations and projects benefit some of the most vulnerable members of our community - the chronically mental ill and homeless, elderly, recent immigrants, and formerly incarcerated individuals.

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Supporting Daily Living

East Rock Village provides residents of portions of New Haven, Hamden, and North Haven with the opportunities, services, and confidence they need to remain active participants in the life of the community, living their lives to the fullest as they grow older in the comfort of their own homes.

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