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Prosperity in suburban towns increasingly depends upon the growing number of good jobs in the City of New Haven. But job access and unemployment continue to be top concerns within many neighborhoods.

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In this difficult economic climate, jobs have become a central issue of our time. Local business and political leaders recognize that a workforce educated and trained to meet the demands of the 21st century economy is crucial to the sustained vitality of the region.

Transportation: An Issue of Equity ›


As it moves into the 21st century, Greater New Haven is looking to comprehensive solutions that make the region a place where everyone can get where they need to go, regardless of their income, age, or physical ability.

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The Community Foundation is deeply committed to making Greater New Haven a region of opportunity for current and future generations.

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Employable for the Long Term

With the help of a grant from The Community Foundation, STRIVE New Haven is focusing on creating long-term employment success for its graduates.

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