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Prosperity in suburban towns increasingly depends upon the growing number of good jobs in the City of New Haven. But job access and unemployment continue to be top concerns within many neighborhoods.

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Undervalued and Underpaid in America Women in Low-Wage, Female-Dominated Jobs ›


From the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The Care Economy ›


Millions of women work long hours caring for the needs of the elderly, the infirm, and children. For large numbers, particularly women of color, their earnings are so low that they and their families live in poverty.

Education, Skills and Training for 21st Century Jobs ›


The workforce needs access to the right skills and education to meet the demands of employers in growing industries.

Inclusive Growth ›


For Greater New Haven to fully prosper, it needs an economic expansion that reaches broadly into every community.

Historic Preservation ›


Historic preservation not only contributes to the region's identity and quality of life. It also stimulates the economy and create jobs.

Breaking the Cycle: Support for the Formerly Incarcerated ›


As policy reforms aimed at ending mass incarceration have gained momentum across the country, local reentry initiatives are increasing the support and opportunities available to help men and women returning from prison become productive members of society.

Investing With a Gender Lens ›


In philanthropy and the private sector, there is a growing movement to direct financial and human resources into supporting women and girls, expanding their leadership opportunities, and challenging the traditional roles and expectations of both women and men.

Transportation Barriers to Employment ›


In thousands Greater New Haven households, the primary wage earners have no way to travel to a majority of the jobs in the region. Either they do not have a car or public transportation will not take them where they would need to go, according to the report, How Transportation Problems Keep People Out of the Workforce in Greater New Haven.

New Report Sheds Light on the Impact of Immigration in Greater New Haven ›


This report highlights the rapid demographic transformation of the region driven by immigration in the past two decades and the significant economic contributions, particularly in small business creation, of this diverse population.

Creative Placemaking ›


The arts in Greater New Haven have played an important role in rejuvenating depopulated areas and creating places where people want to live, work, and visit.

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The Community Foundation is deeply committed to making Greater New Haven a region of opportunity for current and future generations.

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Inclusive Growth for Greater New Haven

Embracing a vision of Greater New Haven as a place of opportunity for all

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New Philanthropic Tool Available for Donor Advisors

As part of The Foundation's Mission Related Investment work, Donor Advisors can soon choose to invest in The Foundation's Nonprofit Loan Pool, which will make low-interest, short-term loans available to nonprofits that need capital or a line of credit. ​​​​​

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A Good Place to Raise Children

Guilford and Branford Community Foundations release Community Reports, in partnership with The Community Foundation and DataHaven.

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