Capital Project Support is defined as a grant made for assets that increase an organization’s ability to achieve its mission such as property acquisition, property development/new construction, building renovations and equipment purchases (including technology, vehicles, etc).

One or two grants for Capital Projects will be made in this round of funding. Each grant will be for up to two years and will not exceed $60,000 in each year.


  • Applicants must be serving people within the Community Foundation's twenty-town region and meet The Foundation's minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Applicants must have had active programming for at least three years.
  • Applicants must have a published and up-to-date (as of 8/1/23)® profile.
  • Applicants who received a grant from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven or the Valley Community Foundation in the previous three years must be up to date with all reporting requirements (as of 8/1/23).

Projects that will not receive consideration include:

  • capital improvements for religious activities
  • endowment campaigns
  • venture/programming capital
  • previously incurred debts

Following the review of inquiries submitted, a limited number of organizations will be invited to submit a full application for Capital Project Support funding after September 1, 2023.