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Timing is everything in performance, and in charitable giving.

Whatever your charitable goals, we can help.

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Developing your charitable giving plan is a very personal undertaking. It starts by asking yourself questions such as... What causes inspire me? What problems do I want to help solve? How much I can afford to give today and over time? What do I want to be remembered for?

At The Community Foundation, we offer a range of giving solutions that allow you to answer these questions. With the support of our professional staff, you can create the giving plan that:

  • Impacts the causes and issues that inspire you
  • Identifies ways to give today and through your estate
  • Incorporates the recommendations of your tax and financial advisors
  • Creates funds that can grow in value

Charitable Giving Your Way

Find the charitable solution that's right for you

Charitable giving can take many forms. That’s because people have different goals and objectives. And for many, it's a life event that brings their philanthropy into focus.

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Join with others to achieve common goals

Great things happen when we work together. The Foundation is committed to working in partnership with donors, local residents and institutions so that the larger community embraces a
vision of Greater New Haven as a place of opportunity for all.

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Create your own fund

Centralize a lifetime of giving in one place. Your fund gives you easy, instant access to make a grant. A simple way to make a difference in your community.

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Don't see an appropriate match for your philanthropic goals? Please tell us your thoughts and ideas. We have 90 years of experience in the philanthropic sector and have forged many partnerships with charitably-minded people, professional advisors and nonprofits along the way.

Sharon Cappetta

Director of Development


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