®® is an online, searchable database of nonprofits serving Greater New Haven and the Lower Naugatuck Valley that was launched in 2010 by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. The site has several goals: to increase the amount of giving to local nonprofit organizations and strengthen the nonprofit sector in the region by increasing visibility and transparency.

Visit®to research a local nonprofit, learn about the issues and opportunities facing Greater New Haven that local nonprofits address or to make a gift online.® was the first of its kind to provide comprehensive profiles of area nonprofits on a single site along with a capability for donors to make gifts. The profiles contain information from several sources and are searchable by name, geography or interest area. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors, over $6.2 Million has been distributed in new and matching funds since the launch of in 2010.

Each year, nonprofits with profiles on® are eligible to win thousands of dollars in grant prizes during The Great Give® — a 36-hour online giving event supported with matching and prize funds from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and its partner in philanthropy, the Valley Community Foundation. Other sponsors in 2017 included Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Liberty Bank Foundation, Pirie Associates Architects and IMission Institute.

In 2018, The Great Give® raised $1.75 million for nonprofits serving Greater New Haven. This year's Great Give® takes place May 1-2, 2019.

Mark your calendars! The 2019 The Great Give® is on May 1 - 2.

For Donors

Great Information
Comprehensive information on 380+ nonprofit organizations

Rich Resource® users reported that they would use the site to research organizations in the future

Easy to Use® users who made gifts on the site said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall experience

Maximize Your Giving
Donors using® found the opportunity to maximize their gift during The Great Give® giving challenges to be important

For Nonprofits

No Cost, Little Time
A® profile is free. There is no cost to maintain a profile and no monthly fee for online giving access. Nonprofits report spending an average of 6 hours creating a profile.

The Great Give®
Nonprofits with a® profile are eligible to participate in The Great Give®. The Great Give® has all the pieces of a successful fundraiser:

  • Urgency (it’s only 36 hours)
  • Matching gift incentives (proven time and again to spur giving)
  • Competition for prizes (fun and friendly)

But that’s really only a fraction of what being part of The Great Give® does for nonprofits. Beyond the money raised during the event, nonprofits receive many benefits from participation, such as:

  • Exposure for your nonprofit and greater appreciation of your impact. Time is well-spent on creating a profile. Over the past year, the site where profiles are hosted ( has been visited more than 90,000 times. Half of these visits were during The Great Give®, and donors use it year-round to learn about your work.
  • New Donors 35% of donors in 2016 report making their first gift to a nonprofit during The Great Give®. Getting somebody to give the first time is a huge accomplishment, and the first step toward cultivating your next major donor. The Great Give® can be an effective low-cost donor acquisition tool.
  • Millennial Supporters 12% of users in 2017 reported being between the ages of 25-44. That's why The Great Give® is a good way to connect to the next generation of supporters looking for the nonprofits that inspire them.

Multiple Uses® nonprofit organizations report using their profiles to apply for grant funding. Others use it as an outreach tool or for Board and staff orientation

If you are a nonprofit and already have a profile, make sure it's up-to-date. Log in now. If you are a donor and don't see a favorite local nonprofit listed on the site, or you are a nonprofit organization that would like to create a profile, please contact Stephanie Chung at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven at 203-777-7077 or

Nonprofits wishing to participate in The Great Give® must have a profile on® or register to participate.


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Director of Grantmaking and Nonprofit Effectiveness


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Director of Development


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