DAFs in Action

Your Donor Advised Fund in Action

So...what’s it like to have a donor advised fund at The Community Foundation?

Here's what a donor advisor has to say:

"What attracted us initially was the ease and flexibility of the account, but the access to knowledge and a caring staff is proving the most rewarding. There are a lot of options for setting up a donor advised fund, but none of the others come with this same sense of connection to our community."

Nancy Clayton / The 10.05 Fund

How Much Can Be Granted?

The minimum grant per organization is just $250, and you can support as many nonprofits as you’d like. If you are invested in the Cash or Intermediate Fund options, you may recommend that any portion or all of your DAF balance be gifted. If your DAF fund is invested using the Perpetual Fund option, the amount available for recommending grants is determined annually and shared with you through a secure online, fund advisor portal.

Are All My Favorite Nonprofits Eligible?

All nonprofits qualified as 501(c)(3) organizations under the IRS code and in good standing are eligible to receive grants from donor advised funds.

To find out the status of your favorite local nonprofits, visit giveGreater.org®. Interested in the status of other nonprofits? Visit Guidestar

Will the Nonprofit Know the Gifts are from Me?

You may choose with each grant recommendation whether to be acknowledged or remain anonymous.

What Reports Will I Receive?

When you use a donor advised fund to carry out your charitable giving, all of your charitable activity is viewable online for review and analysis, year over year.

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