Donor Briefing Recap: Food Relief During Covid-19

Steve Werlin, Executive Director of Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, discusses the growing need for food relief.

With an Update from The Community Foundation

On April 20, President and CEO Will Ginsberg and Senior Vice President for Grantmaking and Strategy Christina Ciociola provided donors with an update on The Community Greater New Haven COVID-19 Community Fund and other philanthropic responses to the pandemic.

Guest Steve Werlin, Executive Director of Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen discussed how local food relief agencies are working together to meet the increased demand.

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Desk volunteers and staff working under new safety protocols.

What We Heard

  • Many people are seeking food assistance for the first time in their lives.
  • People at high risk because of age and/or underlying health conditions have limited access to groceries.
  • SNAP food assistance does not pay for delivered groceries.
  • New volunteers are stepping up to help.
  • Local food relief agencies collaborated rapidly to expand the home food-delivery system.

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About The Foundation's Donor Briefing Series

As part of coming together around issues that impact our community, The Community Foundation hosts a series of donor briefings featuring local nonprofit and community leaders.Our ongoing Donor Briefing series invites guest experts to discuss urgent issues affecting us locally and nationally and to inform us about what can be done. Contact us to learn more.