The Vineyard Project Launches

Raising resources, changing the narrative for Black Futures.

Local philanthropists at The Vineyard Project For Black Futures In New Haven launch in July at ConnCORP. Photo: Angel Starr

Martha’s Vineyard has long been a community hub for African American families affirming Black history, legacy building and wealth creation. The Vineyard Project For Black Futures In New Haven aims to emulate that role by recognizing and amplifying the vibrant Black history and culture of our local community.

This summer, the project launched with a series of events and a direct mail campaign to encourage donors to join the Vineyard Project’s Founders Circle of the Black Futures Fund. The Black Futures Fund was created in 2020 to advance racial equity in Greater New Haven and to tackle the structures that contribute to racial disparities in the Greater New Haven community. To date, the project has already attracted more than 50 new donors to the Black Futures Fund.

Learn more about The Vineyard Project and the Black Futures Fund.