The Many Appeals of Donor Advised Funds

Flexibility, Timing, Partnership and Permanence

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are like a personal giving account, offering the charitably minded an easy way to plan, give and maximize financial and tax advantages.

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is one of the many nonprofits supported by the Wakerleys’ donor advised fund. Photo Courtesy of Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

“When it comes down to it, there are really a limited number of ways to gift money,” reflects Diana (Dinny) Wakerley, a retired accountant and DAF co-founder with husband Charles. “Our fund allows us to support our community without having to know and seek out all the individual nonprofits and their initiatives. We either reach out to or hear from The Foundation about potential giving opportunities of which it has become aware through its multiple grant processes.

"If we are solicited directly, we also know that we can ask The Foundation about what they know about the nonprofit which helps us give with greater confidence.”

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