Take the Pledge for Women

The Community Fund for Women & Girls invites you to take the pledge for the advancement of women and girls

We celebrate the advancement of women & girls in our community.

We commend those who have brought us such achievements.

In their honor we continue this movement and today we pledge to make a difference.

We pledge to educate youth on what the women of history have done - because their sacrifices made possible the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

We pledge to be active citizens in our political process, we are voters, candidates, campaigners and advocates, reflecting the needs and interests of women – because the perspective of women is essential.

We pledge to increase the number of women in positions of leadership and to achieve pay equity in our lifetime - because fair is fair.

We pledge to raise our children to know that their possibilities are not limited by their gender - because they will be recognized for their character and contributions.

We pledge to advocate for women who experience abuse and violence, to support policies to hold accountable people who commit such actions - because personal safety is fundamental.

We pledge to promote the education of women and girls - because education is the key to economic security, stability and freedom of thought.

We pledge to honor the diversity of women; respecting each other's faith choices, ethnicities, customs, beliefs, characteristics, and qualities - because what bonds us is much stronger than what differentiates us.

We pledge to recognize that the role of a Mother is complex with many demands, while being a joy and honor - because the children we love and nurture today will soon lead our world.

We pledge to value women's health - because the physical, social and emotional well being of women is essential.

We pledge to mentor youth in preparation for this world whether it is an internship, a camping trip, a job opportunity, or a scholarship - because youth have great potential.

We pledge to advance the inclusion of gender in research - because lives depend on it.

We pledge to uphold women's vibrant civic leadership as board members, volunteers, fundraisers and donors - because our work as philanthropists enriches the quality of life in our communities.

We pledge together

We pledge to each other and

We pledge to ourselves

© The Community Fund for Women & Girls