Racial and Ethnic Equity for Nonprofits

Board and staff member teams discuss and define roles you can carry out with respect to racial and ethnic equity in your lives, your organizations and in your communities in this three-part series

Three-part workshop series and consultation for board and staff teams:
SESSION 1: November 4, 2020
SESSION 2: November 17, 2020
SESSION 3: December 3, 2020
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Presented by Rosaida Morales Rosario, Rosario & Associates LLC

In this highly interactive series of workshops for nonprofits there will be three, two-hour workshops that will allow participants to:

  • Develop a shared vocabulary and an understanding of the history of race/racism necessary to have productive conversations.
  • Understand the levels of racism and analyze how these levels can play out in your lives, your organizations and in your communities.
  • Clarify your understanding of the racial/ethnic equity work that needs to be done.
  • Define your core values and align them with racial/ethnic equity guiding principles.
  • Define/clarify what behaviors you must model to “Walk the Talk” and hold yourselves accountable.
    Understand what best practices are in “Highly Inclusive Organizations.”
  • Discuss and define what roles you can carry out with respect to racial/ethnic equity in your lives, your organizations and in your communities.

The presenter will then spend time one-on-one with your organization.

Registration Note: For this three-part series, please commit to attending all sessions. Your organization may register as a team of 2-4, including at least one board member and one staff member.

Rosaida Morales Rosario

About the Presenter
Rosaida Morales Rosario,
Founder and President, Rosario & Associates, LLC
Rosario's minority-owned small business firm specializes in change management, organizational development, diversity and social justice consultation. She is also co-owner of Rosario/Shapiro Consulting Group, a state-certified, woman-owned small/minority business enterprise which is also multiracial and multicultural and focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion consultation, equity and organizational culture audits, and strategic planning for inclusion of emerging or underserved markets. Rosario has 46 years of experience in management and training, strong analytical and evaluative thinking skills, and is highly skilled at helping others manage change and negotiate different perspectives to reach common goals. Prior to founding Rosario & Associates, she served as National Executive Vice President at the National Puerto Rican Forum, State Director of the Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum and held positions in corporate training and development at Travelers Insurance. Rosario started her career in Hartford as a public school teacher. She is an alumna of Harvard University’s Executive Management Program; Wesleyan University; Institute for Educational Leadership of Washington D.C.; and the American Leadership Forum/Leadership of Greater Hartford.