Gateway Project Is About Maintenance and Motivation

Liberty Community Services is helping clients back into the workforce and beautifying downtown New Haven at the same time.

Removing barriers to employment and keeping downtown New Haven clean. Liberty Community Services has found a way to do both through one program.

With the support of a multi-year grant from The Community Foundation, the Gateway to Employment Project at Liberty is teaching some of its chronically unemployed clients, who are homeless or formerly homeless, how to get back into the workforce. The focus is urban property maintenance – keeping sidewalks and medians clean, plant care, and other groundskeeper-like duties. Participants in the program are also improving their customer service and problem-solving skills. And the program is boosting their confidence and outlook about the potential to secure employment.

"We are thrilled that The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven invested in this project. While we are still in the early stages, we are seeing some great motivation and new orientation about work from people who were previously very discouraged about re-entering the workforce," said John Bradley, Executive Director of Liberty Community Services.

The Gateway Project has just completed its second session of training and has already reported success stories from clients who are now ready for employment or have already found jobs.
This multi-year grant was made possible through unrestricted funds at The Community Foundation. You can learn more about Liberty Community Services at

Did you know?

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, about 44% of people who are homeless have jobs. But, not having a permanent address and other barriers like lack of transportation can make keeping a job difficult.