Donor Briefing: Give a Person the Fish

The Community Foundation and United Way of Greater New Haven co-hosted a discussion with local experts on meeting basic needs and the role of philanthropy.

Meeting Basic Needs and the Role of Philanthropy

Panelists (L-R) Joanne Goldblum, Rev. Bonita Grubbs, Steve Werlin. Photo Kathleen Cei

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This ancient proverb still guides much of the funding and delivery of the basic needs social safety net. But does it set up a false choice? How could the community work better to meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us?

On March 7, 2019, The Foundation hosted a discussion on the current state of basic needs in Greater New Haven with a panel including Joanne Goldblum (CEO, National Diaper Bank Network), Rev. Bonita Grubbs (Executive Director, Christian Community Action), and Steve Werlin (Executive Director, Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen); with moderator Jennifer Heath (President and CEO, United Way of Greater New Haven at the New Haven Free Public Library.

What We Heard

Connecticut Families Are Struggling

  • Many families must prioritize whether they want food, electricity or basic needs such as diapers or feminine hygiene products each month.
  • Living in poverty creates an environment that is difficult to thrive in; this level of stress can carry over from childhood into adulthood.
  • One in four New Haven residents lives at or below the federal poverty line; one in five experiences food insecurity.

Basic Needs Organizations Are Underfunded

  • The governmental "social safety net" does not fully address the basic needs of individuals living below the poverty line.
  • Private philanthropy contributes less to basic needs as compared to other areas such as education, health and the arts.
  • Issues of equity and access have impacted the playing field; organizations don't have the funding and resources needed to fully meet the needs of all they hope to reach.

Beyond Basic Needs

  • Many organizations provide services that go beyond basic needs; some provide food service while also connecting people to other services such as health screenings, housing and assistance benefits.
  • "... add a fishery," said panelist Rev. Grubbs, emphasizing the importance of providing equal access for success beyond the proverb of teaching a man to fish.
  • The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) rewards employment by providing an average of $3,000 in wage subsidies; in 2016 that lifted 5.8 million people out of poverty.

What We Can Do

Understand the Whole Picture

  • Check out the SNAP Challenge that members of Congress, governors and celebrities have taken! Develop a greater understanding for what it's like to survive on a low and restricted budget for a weeks.
  • Enhance empathy and connect with people receiving basic needs services on a human level.
  • Promote networking among basic needs organizations so comprehensive support services are available at all locations to individuals seeking them.

Give Your Support

  • Make a donation or volunteer your time to a basic needs organization. Visit for a list of local nonprofits.
    Consider making a provision in your will or creating a permanent endowment during your lifetime that will support basic needs organizations in perpetuity. For more information, contact Sharon Cappetta.
  • Amplify your 2019 donation(s) by giving during The Great Give® - May 1-2. Liberty Bank Foundation is offering an incentive for gifts made to participating basic needs organizations between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m on May 2. Alternatively, you may wish to create your own matching gifts prize for one or more basic needs organizations. For more information, contact Jackie Downing.

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