COVID-19 Response Checklist for Nonprofits

Key points for organizations to consider

Has your organization created processes and procedures to deal with the COVID-19 crisis? Are staff prepared and properly supported? This checklist created by Risk Alternatives highlights key points to consider.

Financial Response
Reduce non-essential expenditures
☐ Authorize expenditures from reserves
☐ Consider Small Business Administration (SBA) loan support
☐ Look for federal, state, and foundation support

Operational Response
☐ Comply with local regulations
☐ Perform essential services with social distancing
Because staff may have working hours impacted by family obligations (e.g. homeschooling), to the extent practicable:

☐ Reduce any non-essential scope
☐ Have each staff member create short checklists for how their key processes work in order to share tasks among staff as needed and build resilience in case key staff contract the virus or have family members succumb

Reputational Response
☐ Ensure primary and backup lines of communication are clear
☐ Make your presence known to local regulators
☐ Make your presence known to local emergency responders as applicable (i.e., if you provide meals to needy populations or shelter of any type)

Planning Response
☐ Implement business continuity plan (available for free here)
☐ Run scenarios
☐ 30% or ___% reduction in revenues (because of recession and reduced programming)
☐ 15% or ___% increase in costs (because of social distancing)
☐ Perform a risk inventory (click for more information on doing this on your own or with outside facilitation)

External Context Response
☐ Find reliable sources of information (click here to follow Risk Alternatives’ Coronavirus Nonprofit Risk Management Resources page)
☐ Develop a network of peer organizations to share experiences and provide support (Risk Alternatives serves as a convener. Reach out if you may be interested.)
☐ Advocate vocally for your beneficiary populations

Talent Management Response
☐ Develop remote work policy
☐ Adopt a contingent emergency succession plan (in the event of temporary incapacitation of key staff)